Neu! OpenBox-chupa_chups_0.0.8 _Lunix _30.06.2018

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    • Neu! OpenBox-chupa_chups_0.0.8 _Lunix _30.06.2018

      Neu!!! OpenBox-chupa_chups_0.0.8 _30.06.2018 für

      Neu! OpenBox-chupa_chups_0.0.8

      Innovation image OpenBox - Version 0.0.8

      Gigablue Quad 4k
      Gigablue EU 4K
      Mutant HD51
      Qviart Lunix
      Vuplus duo2
      Vuplus solo2
      Vuplus solose
      Last Vuplus
      Vuplus zero
      Vuplus uno4k
      Vuplus solo4k
      Vuplus uno4kse
      Vuplus zero4k
      Vuplus ultimo4k
      Xtrend et9x00
      Zgemma H.2H
      Zgemma Star2S

      Basic information:
      Image based in source Openpli published

      Gstreamer 1.14.1

      kodi 17.6 recipients (mutant hd51, vuzero4k, vuuno4k, vusolo4k, vuuno4kse, vuultimo4k)

      smbd version 4.6.2

      Openwebif interface normal and recursive version

      python version 2.7.13

      Integration for defect epgimport (it discharges epg xml)

      Integration for defect epgrefresh (configuration epg of the recipient)

      Integration for defect zapnumerico

      OpenBox Team:

      Skin for defect iplusHD version 3.4 to 1920x1080 based on initial version v0.2
      Secondary Skin btvadriatico adaptation for openbox of the Daconi original
      Rating of age and control parental movista + across description thanks to team openspa /
      Integration Open-browser-hbbtv 16032018 official vuplus thanks to captain of openatv
      Integration menus guy Terminal IplusHD
      Integration of the additional code for OpenBox in image, not use of panels.
      Modification TunerServer that allows the creation of the list automatically in any mounted unit of the recipient, as well as the possibility of adding streaming port and password to him.
      Integration unloads list channels nightupdate realized by Openbox, with posibiidad of notice of innovations and autoinstallation
      Integration discharges picon realized by Openbox
      Integration device divisions, which there allows the achievement of fixed or rapid assemblies
      Integration of liberating memory modified created for 2boom
      Update integration not - ip
      Assistant installation image openbox on-line or pendrive with creation backup
      I center control password openbox
      Test available ports in our recipient
      Test connection to Internet
      Possibility of importing from a pendrive file CCcam.cfg
      Compilation cam for arm cccam 2.3.2 and automatically the last oscam innovations
      Possibility of installation from the lists wizard channels nighupdate
      Integration multiboot flash for recipients gigablue 4k and mutant 4k
      Integration script of user

      Image supports Update:
      Flashonline: It unloads of the on-line image and installation of the same one, for this utility to use assistant of installation Openbox.

      Software update: Update of bundles and utilities

      Button Action:
      Blue pulsation: menu extensions

      Long blue: menu softcam

      Yellow pulsation: configuration audio

      Long green: menu plugins

      Red: Hbbtv if it is installed and in compatible channels

      Red prolonged: I access to ready discharge channels night update of openbox

      MediaPortal wird nicht angenommen, Box hängt sich auf!!



      Anadol v2 4K - DM520 - Mut@nt HD51 4K - VU+ Solose - GB Quad - Edision Osmega