Neu! PKT Hyperion 6.0 _Xpeedlxc s2 _23.03.2018

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    • Neu! PKT Hyperion 6.0 _Xpeedlxc s2 _23.03.2018

      Neu!! HYPERION 6.0 GIT-21189_PKT-3764 für

      Neu! PKT Hyperion 6.0
      _Xpeedlxc s2

      PKT SVN-3764 HYPERION 6

      Postnapisał zukon piątek, 23 marca 2018, 21:24

      PKT Hyperion 6 svn3764

      - OE-Alliance 4.2

      - GStreamer 1.13.0

      - Python 2.7.13

      - actual base

      - [4k] where is posible: HBBTV enabled

      - where is posible: KODI enabled

      - new plugin: Auto Standby

      - [h7/hd51] Install Manager to install in Startup 2-4 and set boot

      - new option in Backup Manager: new option in Backup Manager: full copy of running image to hdd, usb or openmultiboot

      - new packages

      - a lot of fixes and updates

      - many new stb

      - cleared and optimized

      Special thx OE-alliance and all betatesters.





      DM520-Mut@nt HD51 4K-VU+ Solose-GB Quad-Edision Osmega