Satdreamgr-6 _VU+ Solose _ 24.02.2019

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    • Satdreamgr-6 _VU+ Solose _ 24.02.2019

      Satdreamgr-6 -release- 24.02.2019 für

      _VU+ Solose
      _ 24.02.2019

      SatDreamGr images update 2019-02-24

      Enigma2 Changes:
      git log --oneline --since="2019-01-21"
      91b8eeb DVDBurn: change publisher to enigma2
      5ea8691 hr.po (Croatian language) thanks to zeljko2
      f92a9e9 Only use autoinstall when it did not run previously
      0a0da26 Update hungarian translation
      96fc401 update fi.po
      fc41780 VirtualKeyboard - added '.' to 2nd cs layout
      2385067 ChannelSelection: Also cache "never" when removing bouquets
      47054c9 po file updated from develop at 2019-02-15 19:50
      b9a855a Update fi.po
      d88912a Update fi.po (merge from openvix)
      38cd19d AutoLanguageSelection: Auto hide items that make no sense
      fec05e8 Remove device dreambox remote control (native)
      eb1b6ff picload: fix warning due to incorrect type for crc32
      0466a21 sec: silence maybe-uninitialized warning
      4918b8f Greek translation update (dev) 11/2/2019
      415c416 TimerEdit: Solve GSOD when try to solve timer conflict issues
      17c1b1f Revert "TimerEdit: Solve GSOD when try to solve timer conflict issues"
      7ebbc58 silence gcc8 warning class-memaccess
      876cc3c picload: fix memory leak on ~Cfilepara
      fc9893b frontend: silence format-overflow warning
      ddb3bc1 TimerEdit: Solve GSOD when try to solve timer conflict issues
      44d9b92 Update sk.po
      9777c62 message: silence warning unused result on pipe
      b8b1bdd misc_options: silence unused result warning
      1d0a876 file_eraser: silence ftruncate unused result warning
      eeb26bc nice: silence unsed result warning
      cbc6f22 servicets: silence unused result warnings
      055fc71 epgcache: silence unused return value warnings
      7bff11a frontend: fix format extra args warning
      43062c6 lcd: silence unused result warning
      955c751 avswitch: silence unused result warnings
      a4cf23e eslider: fix reorder warning in eSlider constructor
      d0b46d1 teletext: fix maybe-uninitialized warning in processPESPacket
      255b728 elistbox: fix reorder warning in eListbox constructor
      4fe191a pmt: fix sign compare warning in getProgramInfo
      149d275 pmtparse: fix sign compare warning in getDefaultAudioPid
      9354bb0 picload: remove unused variable
      a0425df font: fix reorder warning
      9cec046 Remove old or unnecessary device entries from keymap
      2f102f1 travis.yml: add matrix for gcc8
      ec49352 [Subservices] fix play service in selection list(press OK)
      a05e140 StartWizard: Fix progress percentage
      68be6fe StartWizard: Improve progress regarding already installed packages
      9400c3c Flashimage: Fix removal of downloaded images
      57e69e2 update ru.po (#2006)
      f5ca5f0 fixed id.po
      793ca21 Update more Indonesian words.
      05a2c5f Keyboard.xml - VirtualKeybord - repeat flag for Next and Prev
      cb1c886 Update all language po files with latest strings using…aster/
      b1d7553 remove spaces
      41b3e90 Fixed ConfigText for alternative_imagefeed
      692e97f ConfigList - there is no reason not to use an empty string from VirtualKeyboard
      8c527f5 Update Latvian translation
      d6fcbdb use the feed timestamps to determine the last update timestamp
      936e3bc Norwegian Bokmål translation, 2019-02-02 by Andy1
      435c69e Revert the multituner commits to move them to a feature branch
      7f16b80 only pass the default audio pid when it's already known.
      a7e3275 add it to the image (
      98c7562 Revert "Add t2-mi plp_id scan option for e2"
      5975c70 Add t2-mi plp_id scan option for e2 Tuners which can do multistream should been able to t2-mi but the stream should been decap first (like done with the plugin astra-sm) As there is no info provide by the demod or tuner if it has the capability to handle t2-mi the option will been only available when the tuner can do multistream
      57b497e add frontpanel powerled functionality
      bba165a systeminfo display move to global area. fix display setup for boxes which has only a led.
      bdf427d SkinSelector: Allow translation for Default Skin
      caf1813 GMEPG - added sanity checks for change bouquets
      7d9a6f0 NimManager: Solve GSOD when switching to combi DVB-S + DVB-T2/C mode
      c3fb6c2 MultiTuner: Solve GSOD when we have a combi DVB-S + DVB-C/T tuner
      1bedb3a Revert "Navigation: Do not play a service when the box is in Standby"
      e4c0c9d Navigation: Do not play a service when the box is in Standby
      f55eb7d fix translations after spelling correction
      bd77f2a updated cs.po
      b4c2bb8 fixed incorrect spelling
      201aac9 NimManager: do not add "nothing" when it is not required
      53743df Improve multituner support
      7d527c2 Revert "Do only show noPTSrecordingdelay when you play a recording"
      1ee530e Correct path for hu.po
      9906869 Do only show noPTSrecordingdelay when you play a recording
      9d72924 update hu.po (develop branch)
      54d91f6 keymap.xml - changes in virtualkeyboard shortcuts for edit text
      9d5655e SoftwareUpdate: Finalyze fetching get the timestamp of last update
      f9f0683 SoftwareUpdate: Remove socket stuff
      2501b44 SoftwareUpdate: Fix retreiving date and time of latest update
      d79d652 Update .travis.yml
      bf0b628 update cs.po
      d2b7650 po file updated from develop at 2019-01-25 20:38
      e1604e6 ChoiceBox - use actual scrollbar width in autoResize
      1134795 el.po updated from develop at 2019-01-05 19:00
      c65c583 FlashImage: Add URL for alternative url for images
      13f4eeb [] Save to xml on clean up
      08cfd17 [] delete code that belongs in
      4b1069e Revert "Move saveTimer from RecordTimer to Timer"
      62f7940 Revert "Define all variables used to save timer in TimerEntry"
      30da18d Small optimization in VirtualKeyBoard
      d291319 update encofing.conf
      d9dc1f9 VirtualKeyBoard: use wide buttons in en_US and en_EN keyboards

      OE Changes:
      $ git log --oneline --since="2019-01-21"
      6c714a8 update edision submodule
      69474c0 updated rytec sources location
      821d206 removed old pli-images path
      5346c9e World of sat URL changed
      a7dad58 Update
      61c7aee exteplayer3: remove wma.c and add bcma.c to fix build
      dadbffb branding: update keymap.xml
      be9f2c5 exteplayer3: remove h263.c to fix build
      b1b2da3 exteplayer3: fix build
      3ce969b dvb-usb-tbs: add more recommends for 5980 and 5925
      0ca8ff4 update edision submodule
      0371ac1 branding: update keymap.xml
      0be5db3 satdreamgr: update flashimage json patch
      743c11a streamlink: update lic after year change
      c19b0bc update octagon submodule

      Upgrade from enigma2 menu->setup->software managment->online update
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      Anadol v2 4K - DM520 - Mut@nt HD51 4K - VU+ Solose - GB Quad - Edision Osmega