Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.006 _Lunix 4K _16.02.2019

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    • Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.006 _Lunix 4K _16.02.2019

      Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.006 release _16.02.2019 für

      Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.006
      _Lunix 4K

      Thread open only for opinions and thanks.
      Any message about technical questions,
      image bugs or questions about how the firm works will be automatically deleted without any explanation.

      What is new??
      CHANGELOG 7.3.006
      - New drivers Mut@nt HD60

      add usb-dvb vtuner support
      fastboot: add 7segment display support
      7segment display add a~z (not all symbols can been project good on the display, just use it for some basic info like strt or rec)
      optimize audio video mediaplayer
      powerled on/off (/proc/stb/power/powerled)
      hisilicon does not support rc4/5 remote which causes to crash driver: echo 4 > /proc/stb/ir/rc/type
      fix driver crash when activate second transcoding.

      - New drivers Edision OS Nino pro

      optimise snr

      - New drivers Edision OS Mio 4k

      Improved smartcard reader stability
      Removed fan proc
      Improve the stability of blindscan under 1M

      - New drivers Zgemma H9

      fix hbbtv and stalker

      - New drivers Zgemma i55+

      fix hbbtv
      fix stalker
      fix teletext

      - New drivers Octagon SF8008

      add hdr event
      fix letterbox for hd video

      - Fix transparency issue in some skins.
      - Fix VFD displays to show date and time in standby.
      - Possibility to create M+ automatic bouquet lists (one with SD channels and other replacing SD channels by his respective HD channels if exist).
      - Add news notifications in Extra Panel.
      - In channels list, now is possible to indicate what icons you want to show depending on service quality (SD, HD, 4K, 3D or IPTV).
      - Fix bug in spzremotechannels with marker services in epg download.
      - Fixed filters in PluginBrowser.
      - New Bootlogo, thank elduque.

      User : root
      Pass : openspa
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      Anadol v2 4K - DM520 - Mut@nt HD51 4K - VU+ Solose - GB Quad - Edision Osmega