OpenVix 5.2.024 release _Mut@nt HD1500 _18.01.2019

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    • OpenVix 5.2.024 release _Mut@nt HD1500 _18.01.2019

      OpenVix 5.2.024 release 18.01.2019 für

      OpenVix 5.2.024 release
      _Mut@nt HD1500

      openvix: release 5.2.024
      Merge branch 'Dev'
      openvix: developer
      ChoiceBox: add sanity checks for list
      Reduce convertDVBUTF8 debug in log
      Network: add p2p0 to isBlacklisted devices
      [Translations] Updated Dutch (NL) translation.
      openvix: developer
      openvix: developer
      openvix: developer
      openvix: developer
      openvix: developer
      [dvbtime] update mjd comment
      dvbtime: zero initialize struct tm
      [About] Add H7 to CPU speed.
      estring: fix issues introduced on c915c9e
      estring: remove const reference from strip_non_graph
      scan: use strip_non_graph on channel and provider name
      estring: add new function strip_non_graph
      scan: remove CRLF from channel and provider name
      pvrparse: better handle UNKNOWN codec in setPid
      pvrparse: add missing colon from previous commit
      pvrparse: check all values from video enumeration
      decoder: add UNKNOWN codec to eDVBVideo
      pvrparse: use video enumeration from eDVBVideo class
      libopen: remove hardcoded patch to libc
      {dvbtime] whitespace
      Revert "[Convertor-ClockToText] add sanity"
      [t2mi] raw mode patch
      {dvbtime.cpp] add minimum "modified julian date"
      openvix: developer
      Fix Create Directory crash when .. is selected
      openvix: developer
      [OScamInfo] Change "fehler' to 'error'.
      [OScamInfo] Add menu path fixes
      [InfoBarGenerics] fix possible BSOD for CCcamInfo / OScamInfo

      hisi qt remove opengl
      Merge branch '4.2' of into 4.2
      lsdir temp build fix
      [gipppygio] update version
      exteplayer3 moved to new location rename download url to e2iplayer
      [maxytec] fix linux download url
      Merge branch '4.2' of into 4.2
      [azboxme] rebase e2 patches for openatv
      [vuplus] fix dvb tuner avermedia a867 on linux 4.x
      [dinobot] u55 change ROOTFS_FILE to rootfs.bin for ofgwrite support
      [osmio4k] update drivers, Fixed pip split screen goes wrong at on the fly setting change
      Merge branch '4.2' of into 4.2
      add meta-maxytec
      Merge branch '4.2' of into HEAD
      Fix qt compile on newer systems (backport patch from meta-qt)
      [opendroid]fix oDreamy-FHD
      [opendroid] plugins and skin make all multilib
      [dinobot] update ubi parameter u55
      [zgemma] remove old partions bb
      openbh: release 4.2.025
      uclan and sf8008 update drivers
      [osmio4k] update drivers, Fixed internal card reader blocking
      [dinobot] u55 update blindscan
      [osmio4l] change pip mode split
      zgemma fix libs build
      merge zgemma mesa changes from branch 4.3, gfx build issue hd51
      openbh: release 4.2.024
      openbh: release 4.2.023
      openvix: release 5.2.024
      openvix: developer
      add dinobot u55
      add hd61
      update driver(duo4k) - Fixed recording problem.
      [osmio4k] fix pip issue, fix open hbbtv when osd scaling was used
      openvix: developer
      aarch64 add gst opus to image
      openvix: developer
      openvix: developer
      openvix: developer
      [3rdparty] Bump pr
      [3rdparty] Fix package name
      openvix: developer
      openvix: developer
      Add commercial_libomxil to whitelist
      Add pcsc-tools
      Fix compile on newer systems (backport patches from OE)
      openvix: developer
      [vuplus] update drivers(uno4k, uno4kse, ultimo4k) - Support FBC DVB-C V2 tuner
      python-youtube-dl update to 2019.01.02 (#450)
      Merge branch '4.2' of into 4.2
      [osmio4k] fix linux forget add
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      Anadol v2 4K - DM520 - Mut@nt HD51 4K - VU+ Solose - GB Quad - Edision Osmega