Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.005 _Mut@nt HD1500 _16.01.2019

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    • Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.005 _Mut@nt HD1500 _16.01.2019

      Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.005 release _16.01.2019 für

      Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.005
      _Mut@nt HD1500

      What is new??
      CHANGELOG 7.3.005
      - New drivers SF8008

      add hdmi cec
      add support usb-dvb
      add multiboot kernel update

      - New drivers Edision OS Mio 4k

      Fixed OSD slowdown with FHD skin
      fix pip issue
      fix open hbbtv when osd scaling was used

      - New drivers Edision Os Nino pro

      Optimized snr.

      - New drivers Gigablue 4K.

      the tt3l10 tuner detection issue is fixed.
      e2 streaming audio issue is fixed.
      in videomode 1080i, playback lipsync issue is reverted to resolve audio issue.

      - New drivers Vuplus 4k

      Support FBC DVB-C V2 tuner

      - Zgemma H9S, H9T, H9.2S, H9.2H added plugin for activate or disable use Hisilicon libraries (by default is disabled using gstreamer).
      - Add quality service icons at channel list.

      - New Pure Pack picons arrangement by package provider.
      - Fix debug logs.
      - Removed by default the streamproxy for incompatibilities with some programs. To have authentication in the streaming, now it must be activated in enigma2, not only in the openwebif.
      - Fix wifi conections data saving.
      - Fixes in Weather Info.
      - Remove spainE2 channel lists from extra panel by request of its author.
      - Add T230C2 support in media-build
      - Fix BSOD in some MKV when play videos.

      User : root
      Pass : openspa
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      Anadol v2 4K - DM520 - Mut@nt HD51 4K - VU+ Solose - GB Quad - Edision Osmega