Satdreamgr-6 _VU+ Solose _ 19.12.2018

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    • Satdreamgr-6 _VU+ Solose _ 19.12.2018

      Satdreamgr-6 -release- 19.12.2018 für

      _VU+ Solose
      _ 19.12.2018

      SatDreamGr images update 2018-12-19
      & images for new receiver edision os mio4k uhd

      Enigma2 Changes:
      $ git log --since="2018-12-06" --pretty=oneline
      e346f88bd800c3f2245f79317733c149562defb9 Updated NL translation; thanks Frenske
      d61f37e4c20c43555803244f75ce29fd6b52fd6a Do not use extra variables for display skin
      2dfa4fcdd12c55b4a731bd367ceee6ef3a3c44db Revert "- change addSkin by default to search in SCOPE_CURRENT_SKIN"
      46650aaab03cdc91db03452499cddc57c8436766 - change addSkin by default to search in SCOPE_CURRENT_SKIN
      6fc8598bbea63ed6d58826fba23c7f0abfd0a834 - decentralize skin_display.xml
      9804030e672c7424c30e4cfdd80e6032cc2c1419 ServiceInfo: Solve three GSOD situations
      8f23918e2285de7b76bce0f920874b68f51191d3 cs.po updated
      e9a6827b1ddff31f5f25095c895c021137b79312 updated cs.po
      6f319cec8c07b85deff8d3c8b43241d487a6a2e0 el.po file updated from develop at 2018-12-16
      12d3f7ef19f701775735ae3f93525318a659a25c Arabic translation by Mahmoudfahmy
      519de7fc20c0277e312f5b71f84a96fd8cf8ebb5 update ru.po
      04d355efeb85430c6d240d7b418c11c5321d27a5 Remove file added by mistake
      d77f3e857de652c52ebd2978c8d0a56c77d73993 update cs.po
      3cb0c9d13fe9b8adde44f51162d6df3a4f3f35f2 Fix the untranslatable string. Suppress to upper() for the language in order to be able to see exactely what the broadcaster uses as lang code as discussed on forum.
      0760b65308e9b4be7ece71ccdcfca99fe27bea72 all po files updated from develop at 2018-12-16 20:38
      ce5afae00dc14e9dd2e835bf4e8a0a3ba7089d83 Update
      3cfc1f700f40fa3104e5caaa417729072c5c0778 Update latvian translation
      57d24fe6a7eb85083d64e6d65252e16004ebaa9f fr.po file updated from develop at 2018-12-16 13:00
      8dd568113b4c4a00d462afe2bf8fb467545053d3 New RemainingToText converter type
      2c237d084b451d563369022416089bd7cbd2b31f Fix German Translation
      8a44df21d9586b4003ad80915f4ad2a6134e59bf update cs.po
      ca346360c44b7beb56be8fab6d2cf38acac29f5e PluginBrowser - cosmetic
      45c29ba8a92ab9ffc5053d3630db3721a3677688 'Show menu numbers' modified as 'Show menu or plugin numbers'
      62d65420da50bd5d7f42ba1dd7aaba4036b38eb9 fr.po file updated from develop at 2018-12-13 20:48
      42b25d9df2ce69326911cd27e9ec25dfbf45c3f3 PluginBrowser - cosmetics in numbering - only one space - Help button only when is not permanent numbering
      d7dd73684709f9a64ba03a64fe2cfd44950f7197 Update
      5182f982b633c3cf7a8ea55b2bb6cb134ccb1e69 PluginBrowser - numbered plugin list temporary with Help button or permanently with menu numbering item setting
      77333018e9cb7fc0e03d1b89e3aadf68447ddb5d fix ru.po
      89465802e16bbd7e70edf2d21c5a38768425c6c3 ServiceInfo: Add some comments to make the code more clear
      01fe0128c2c0e0baedfe15cb581de00d12eb326e ServiceInfo: Add extended PID info
      e8bd59f270892bf26cb1cd8e63ff1b404ab8155f update ru.po
      636d3c3040bac68aadd4db37455314f0acd47fcd LT-2018-12-08
      c5b9de6eebe4b69f31487fa071a5a707aea09213 Menu - button Help can show/hide numbers for current menu screen
      2ff8cc025b1d133b8722ca7491ae4a1f261ebe4d update cs.po
      4a00f17bd84a5854cb2b6aacfaeeb00e4b45c01e all po files updated from develop at 2018-12-11 15:26
      0550f3a2cba8348b4f13f88504094693d0971786 Merge branch 'rc' into 'develop'
      3b6fbaa088345d8dbf19a0aef5442de5eb94eca3 Revert "added the option to install kernel modules from the Plugins screen"
      85c4edb7a7cf6411fbcc8505efa268652e5950e2 Improve check for HDMI-CEC
      4607ea7faf809e399e58040503a4479f96a60f99 el.po file updated from develop at 2018-12-09
      a8e73e1874100aad76e44117b74543fb4018ff61 Norwegian Bokmål translation, 2018.12.09 by Andy1
      3cc949a671955eb17090154972dabeb9fb206fda data/fonts/ Fix install font
      0533eeefc9f8caa7e3d13f372221d2c72e217f05 DroidSans-Bold.ttf: Update from build 107 to 113
      33c48d7790ad27e6513b48393252f8576237e9be fr.po file updated from develop at 2018-12-09 04:46
      0e3c402d1ca688848e6053e92ba6fe9a770d1e11 frontend.cpp: DVB-C 3128 FBC SNR fix
      b6c87c46cf8766857909d93ed86d44512a67396b frontend.cpp: 45308 FBC SNR fix
      3a41d99daa1b43343d84237aff7ae3ad7afe6b6f frontend.cpp: BCM4506 and BCM73625 SNR fix
      1bd672fca176b2ec53062594b5ebe0046d3b2e99 frontend.cpp: Si2166D SNR fix
      9ebb9e5037b940a3d8f312e4527e4945f2d56888 [] Correct interpretation of argument as dict
      10ae038e31c837f451eff76cafdafc409b9d09bc Fix typo in tranponder to transponder

      OE Changes:
      git log --since="2018-12-06" --pretty=oneline
      070ae3d15c4e67d241dd3699f74186b751a20a3d update edision submodule
      49f9cdc5f7fe5bbbd75147895d5e46bde6956f25 update octagon submodule
      183e91a39bd14d8a80adbf97376267c5c716d3b8 update edision submodule
      066f40f70a4492ea4182dd7b624f3c530fd190eb update octagon submodule

      Upgrade from enigma2 menu->setup->software managment->online update
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      Anadol v2 4K - DM520 - Mut@nt HD51 4K - VU+ Solose - GB Quad - Edision Osmega