Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.004 _Mut@nt HD1500 _15.12.2018

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    • Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.004 _Mut@nt HD1500 _15.12.2018

      Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.004 release _15.12.2018 für

      Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.004
      _Mut@nt HD1500

      What is new??
      CHANGELOG 7.3.004
      - New drivers SF8008

      add hdmi cec support

      add video setting support for videoenhancement plugin

      add vtuner atsc support

      fix snr value.

      update drivers for satip and usb dongles

      - New drivers Edision

      update bt config

      update drivers optimise blindscan for pro model

      - New drivers Zgemma H9

      add wol

      add cardreader/SCI detection

      Enable hiplayer for h9 e i55plus

      - New drivers Vuplus 4K.

      Fixed FCC problem

      Fixed DVB-C / T change when 2 MTSIF Dual DVB-T2 tuners are installed(ultimo4k)

      Improved demux performance

      Fixed misc.

      Fixed GUI restart problem when FBC DVB-C tuner is installed

      Fixed LNB problem in DVB-S2X tuner when FBC DVB-C tuner is installed in the Slot A.

      - New drivers Dinobot 4k

      Enable hiplayer for u5, u51, u52

      add videoenhancement extension

      - New drivers Qviart Lunix3 4k.

      - Improve e2 player skin on Kodi.

      - Improve skin spa24HD.

      - Add new screen for Recording section.

      Improve graphic appearance, like kodi style

      Improve info of movies management based on the type of selected list.

      Possibility of showing progress bar below the movie, if we choose to show the progress bar on the left.

      Link, when pressing menu, with the IMDB plugin

      Once we go to the imdb, if the movie is found the first time the title and rating is saved temporarily in /tmp/ and it will be shown when moving to that movie (will be deleted when restarting box).

      Possibility of saving the cover and rating to hdd

      Possibility to remove the cover, from hdd/tmp if it is not correct

      When you erase the movie, the cover and infos are also removed.

      - Add Pure picons by tsnm at Extra Panel.

      User : root
      Pass : openspa
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      Anadol v2 4K - DM520 - Mut@nt HD51 4K - VU+ Solose - GB Quad - Edision Osmega