Team Blue 6.1 _GB HD X2 _04.12.2018

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    • Team Blue 6.1 _GB HD X2 _04.12.2018

      Team Blue 6.1 release OE-A 4.1 Image 04.12.2018 für

      Team Blue 6.1
      _GB HD X2

      teamBlue 6.1 OE-A 4.1
      teamBlue Information

      teamBlue E2 is based on openPLi and only build for GigaBlue STB's.
      teamBlue E2 is build by private people and is not linked in any way to GigaBlue or Impex-Sat.
      teamBlue will have no own forum to discuss issues about the teamBlue image.

      manches Plugin manuell installiert !
      • TB-1.jpg

        177,47 kB, 1.280×720, 10 mal angesehen
      • TB-2.jpg

        190,6 kB, 1.280×720, 6 mal angesehen
      • TB-3.jpg

        278,61 kB, 1.280×720, 7 mal angesehen
      • blue panel.jpg

        224,97 kB, 1.280×720, 6 mal angesehen


      DM520-Mut@nt HD51 4K-VU+ Solose-GB Quad-Edision Osmega