OpenVix 5.2.013 release _Mut@nt HD1500 _14.11.2018

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    • OpenVix 5.2.013 release _Mut@nt HD1500 _14.11.2018

      OpenVix 5.2.013 release 14.11.2018 für

      OpenVix 5.2.013 release
      _Mut@nt HD1500

      openvix: release 5.2.013
      Merge branch 'Dev'
      openvix: developer
      [VIRTUALKEYBOARD] Add skin cleanup information (#319)
      openvix: release 5.2.012
      Merge branch 'Dev'
      openvix: developer
      [NimManager] Limit local oscillator values to 5 digits
      openvix: developer
      [Servicemp3record] IPTV Stream recording issue
      [] Whitespace cleanup
      [] Fix possible crash
      [CronTimer] Fix crash when renaming folder This crashed when /usr/script was not empty
      Honour autotime startup delay (#318)
      openvix: developer
      openvix: developer
      [Translations] Updated Dutch (NL) translation.
      openvix: developer
      [] Enforce character restrictions (#22)
      scan: allow scanning transponders 2 MHz apart
      Internationalize recently-added text. (#317)
      openvix: developer
      Enable a temporary sort override for the current directory when Vix is (#316)
      Honour autotimer startup delay setting (#313)
      Graph epg selection bugfix (#310)

      [libvupl] fix fetch for vuduo4k
      [osmio4k] update driver Fix front panel display and led control Fix extended cw problem (issue #37) Stability improvements in vp9 decoding Bug fixes and improvements
      [openbh-bootlogo] Add Duo4K
      [alien5] fix halt and reboot
      [sf8008] update drivers
      Merge branch '4.2' of into 4.2
      add vuduo4k
      openvix: release 5.2.013
      fix typo last commit
      [osmio4k] enable 8 gb emmc
      [directfb] add mssing patches for sf8008
      [dinobot] u5,u51,521, fix led control and display control
      openvix: developer
      openbh: release 4.2.011
      openvix: release 5.2.012
      [osmio4k] add support oscam 64 bit
      [3rdparty] Bump MP
      Revert "update 3rdparty"
      update 3rdparty
      openvix: developer
      [sf8008] fix kodi transparent to e2 channel video
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      Anadol v2 4K - DM520 - Mut@nt HD51 4K - VU+ Solose - GB Quad - Edision Osmega