OpenVix 5.2.005 release _Os Miniplus _28.10.2018

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    • OpenVix 5.2.005 release _Os Miniplus _28.10.2018

      OpenVix 5.2.005 release 28.10.2018 für

      OpenVix 5.2.005 release
      _Os Miniplus

      openvix: release 5.2.005
      Merge branch 'Dev'
      [TransponderInfo] fix stream info when username and password is part of the http:// address
      openvix: developer
      [ChoiceBox] Revert "autoresize" changes as these break GEPG
      ChoiceBox: small optimization in displayDescription
      ChoiceBox - sanity fix for description
      ChoiceBox - added description label, added it to autoresize applet too.
      openvix: developer
      Movielist sort by duration (#301)
      Revert "Allow multiple genre values to be displayed in event information (#268)"
      Allow multiple genre values to be displayed in event information (#268)
      openvix: developer
      [travis-ci] safelist only Dev branch
      Add travis.yml
      [ChannelSelection] fix merge error
      Add Support for Gamma Curve (aka SDR/HDR/HLG)
      Remove hideVBI flag code from enigma2's cpp code
      HideVBI: Change from service flag to whitelist_vbi
      TimerEdit: Cosmetics
      Fastscan: Add option to disable fastscan completely
      MovieSelection: use suburi to play two files in parallel
      ConfigSequence: allow changing negative values
      [Unicable.xml] Add Inverto ISKY-UST110-CUO4O-16P
      JobView - Change function of "cancel" button
      Change text of blue button for JobView
      Simplify JobView code a little bit
      Assign some functions to colored keys
      [] Put all imports at the top of the file
      ChoiceBox - final autoResize() applet for non PIG screen defined in skin_default
      ChoiceBox - fixed itemheight for autoResize applet
      ChoiceBox - fixed centered position
      ChoiceBox - fixed typo
      ChoiceBox - fixed autoResize for default skin
      Add travis.yml
      [sec.cpp] Unicable: don't output debug during timer simulation
      frontend: cosmetic remove space in eDVBFrontend
      [frontend.cpp] Add tuner ID to debug
      [Translations] Updated Dutch (NL) translation.

      openvix: release 5.2.005
      [hlsdl_git] remove AUTOREV as last commit does not compile right now.
      Revert "[hlsdl] replace aes with aes_openssl file"
      Revert "fix typo last commit"
      Revert "[hlsdl] fix build add -Wdeprecated-declarations"
      [hlsdl] fix build add -Wdeprecated-declarations
      fix typo last commit
      [hlsdl] replace aes with aes_openssl file
      [sf8008] update drivers fix mis support - remove extra_depends="enigma2" The package-dependency to enigma2 is not necessary if there is no build dependency recquired. The package enigma2 is always installed.
      [busybox] update mdev.conf to support more as 10 vtuner and fix hotplug event for emmc with more as 10 devices
      [openspa] enable bootlogo for i55plus
      [openspa] Add some files for EPG M+
      [sf8008] update drivers minor fixes with demux and epg event infos
      openvix: developer
      [wetekplay] Fix build
      [3rdparty] update
      [openeight] fix typo
      [openeight] moved old skin to feed
      [openeight] indentation correction
      [openeight] Set New default skin
      [openeight] Added smartlite skin
      [hd60] fix typo hdfastboot8gb
      openvix: developer
      [openbh] remove epgimportfilter
      [vuplus] linux 3.15.5 add support dbbsky and t220 tuners thx nikolasi for rework the patches
      [dags] 73265 update drivers add vt-t2 type
      hd60: add fat partitions for multiboot
      openvix: developer
      [zgemma] i55plus remove dvb.s infos and default channel list
      [openatv] enable bootlogo for i55plus
      [zgemma] add wifi 8192eu
      add zgemma h92h and h92s
      [sf8008] update drivers fix biss to fta channel freezing problem
      readd wifi patch again
      rt wifi fix patch wrong line endings
      [sf8008] update drivers fix diseqc motor and usals
      [osmio4k] switch to linix 4.19 Fixed satip-client issue Minor bug fixes and improvements
      [edision] osninopro update drivers
      [dinobot] update drivers u5,u51, u52 * fix iptv issues * add zapping mode stil picuture/black screen
      [ceryon] update 7220s and 7225s, misc changes for new batch
      [dcube] add armv7a to arch.conf
      [dcube] remove unbuild rtl8812au
      [sf8008] fix ca descrambler
      [ViX DUO patch] fix clocktotext display format..
      [teamBlue] switch to PACKAGE_ARCH = "${MACHINE_ARCH}"
      [3rdparty] update planerfs_9.33
      [linkdroid] update linkdroid-gst-amlavsink1
      [sf8008] update smartcard driver and fixed pip freeze problem.
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