Dream-Elite 6.0 -DM 820 OE2.5 -19.10.2018

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    • Dream-Elite 6.0 -DM 820 OE2.5 -19.10.2018

      Dream-Elite 6.0 _OE2.5 released 19.10.2018

      Dream-Elite 6.0
      -DM 820 OE2.5

      Changelog DE 6.0
      Changelog of 14.10.2018

      - update dm920 and dm900 hardware drivers:
      fixed possible mode switching problems on hdmi output with 4K modes
      fixed support for high bitrate transponders (45000 8PSK 5/6 is now working okay on all tuners)
      no CI support for transponders with such high bitrates yet!
      bcm45208/45308x: longer tune timeouts for low symbol rate transponders
      fixed possible demux deadlock in combination with a fbc tuner and dm920
      fixed possible race condition on open/close audio/video encoder from different processes
      fixed a possible demux deadlock
      add support for dreambox bluetooth remote control
      add support for silabs DVB-S2X single tuner module

      - update dm820 and dm7080 hardware drivers:
      - add support for dreambox bluetooth remote control (dm7080)
      - add support for silabs DVB-S2X single tuner module
      - fix possible race condition on open/close audio/video encoder from different processes
      - update enigma2 to 4.3.2r1:
      EPG (Add workaround for broken RTL-Group EPG, Don't return original event on similar event search)
      Fix playback of some UHD mkvs
      Fix subtitles for UHD content
      Fix bludisc playback
      Fix potential crash on resolution change
      Fix graphics memory being leaked when playing back multiple files with subtitles
      Add Technirouter 5/1x16 to list of unicable devices
      Fix some issues with eMediaScanner and eMediaDatabase
      UI/Skins (force subtitles behind ChannelList, undo skinned zPosition for subtitles, fade background for Movie/Channelist context menus, drop explicit zPosition for ChannelSelection, update Default FHD skin)
      MediaPlayer/Center/Renderer: add "cover.jpg" to list of cover arts
      StreamServerControl: fix range check of video/audio bitrates
      RecordTimer: Log when target directory does not exist
      Fix downloader for TLS-SNI secured content
      Softwaremanager: Add automatic update checks (optional)
      Improve help dialog for "ConfigSets" like the SCR selection for FBC Tuners by using the new horizontal listbox
      Add support for Dreambox Bluetooth Remote Control (Wizard, (dis)connection, haptic feedback, LED color)
      Add Radio mode to main menu
      Smoother animations (more about this in the developers section)
      Add .txt support to ServiceEvent - as suggested by dr.best - see below for examples
      Fix crash on satfinder/rotor plugin (rare)
      Fix mixed up languages in event description (rare)
      Fix initial seek to 0 when meta file is missing
      Fix missing subtitles on some channels
      Fix some hardcoded strings (-> make them translatable)
      Fix crash in Browser menu when cookies have invalid dates
      Fix/Workaround some ChannelContextMenu/MovieContextMenu overlap issues (set IS_DIALOG=False again)
      Fixes for the MediaDatabase (add reset option, fix multiple issues)
      Numerous other fixes and cleanups

      For Developers:
      New input device "dreambox remote control (bluetooth le)"
      * Fallback to "dreambox advanced remote control (native)" when there is no specific keymap for "dreambox remote control (bluetooth le)"
      Converter.EvenTime/ServicePosition: don't start when suspended
      EPGCache: fix missing stop signal when nothing was found
      * Add "Grid" mode (see the twitch plugin on opendreambox/enigma2-plugins for a working example)
      * Add "Horizontal" mode (see Screens.ConfigSetHelpDialog)
      * Add TYPE_TEXT_ALPHABLEND for alphablending blending text+background in listboxes(see twitch)
      * Add horizontal scrollbar (using eSlider)
      ePixmap: add scale type "fill": always fills the target pixmap. Keeps the source aspect by cutting one axis (only if source aspect != target aspect)
      Graphics Subsystem (GDI)
      * Reintroduce triple buffering including a frame limiter that defaults to ~60fps
      * Sync animation timestamps for all windows and widgets (smoother animations when used together with triple buffering)
      GLES: add a depth-buffer fix for dr.best

      ServiceEvent txt format examples (skip the -------------------------- in the real files)
      1 - not.too.good.movie.txt
      title=Some movie that ain't that good
      duration=8086 (not intel!)
      long-description=You should save your time and watch something else instead!

      2 - My.favorite.series.txt
      title=Best seasons ever
      long-description=This episode is epic!

      - GStreamer:
      libav: fix compilation on arm
      allow subtitles for h265/vp9 content
      dreamsinks: uhd subtitle fix
      dream sinks: fix "Das Erste HD" Hbbtv EM streams)

      - update enigma2-plugins
      - update dreamliverserver
      - update libs for MediaPortal

      - update DE-EPG to v3.7
      added Germany
      added Poland
      added Germany-Italy (with Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland)
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