Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.001 _GB HD X3 _16.09.2018

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    • Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.001 _GB HD X3 _16.09.2018

      Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.001 release _16.09.2018 für

      Neu! OPENSPA 7.3.001
      _GB HD X3

      Date: 2018-09-15
      Image version: 7.3.001

      What is new??

      CHANGELOG 7.3.001

      - New Core OE-Alliance 4.2, basado en OpenEmbedded: Roko de Diciembre de 2017. More important changes :

      Libc6 2.2.5 -> 2.2.6
      Openssh 7.4 -> 7.6
      Busybox 1.24 -> 1.27
      Samba 4.4.16 -> 4.6.7
      Openssl 1.02k -> 1.0.2m
      Nfs Util 1.28 -> 2.1.1
      Dropbear 2016.74 -> 2017.75
      Bitbake 1.33 -> 1.37
      Gcc 6.3.0 Memleak fixe

      - New drivers Gigablue 4k

      Update drivers to new BCM SDK
      add opengl Support
      add Kodi Support
      add Chrome-WEB Browser
      add Youtube.TV
      add Bluetooth Audio Support (need optional BCM Bluetooth USB Adpater)
      add QT HBBTV Support
      add Support for new Gigablue DVB-S2X Single and Dualtuner with Multistream
      update LCD modes to only support regular modes (no more pip in lcd)
      Info: Quadpip at the moment only supports 1080i and 2160p as video resolution (the fix to support 720p and 1080p is coming later)
      remove support of 480 and 576 video resolution - new BCM SDK dropped that
      Gigablue fix AC3+ passthrough and add new ac3plus-modes

      - New drivers Zgemma H9

      fix pcm audio issue

      - New drivers Zgemma (all models)

      add si2166b tuner support

      - New drivers Edision OS Nino

      fix jump keys

      - New drivers Dinobot 4k

      fix iptv
      fix osd double buffer
      fix usb key
      fix teletext fhd paintion to slow
      update DVB-C fix issue for Portugal users
      fix issue openwebif grab only OSD with service picture
      fix issue, remotechannelstreamconverter

      - New drivers Qviart Lunix3 4k

      fix tuner b ci issue
      update 7252 driver image for tsmux

      - New support to Amiko A5 Combo and Amiko Viper Combo boxes.
      - New skin LCD for VU+ Ultimo 4k. Thanks to elduque
      - Added adam59 picon to Panel Extra.
      - Added openSPA updates wizard to spaPANEL menu.
      - Fix transparency issue in File Explorer.
      - Add german translation of our plugins. Thanks to ardilla99
      - New bootlogo y new OpenSPA logo design. Thanks to tsnm.
      - Update HDMI CEC
      - Fix MyTube issue with some videos

      User : root
      Pass : openspa
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      DM520-Mut@nt HD51 4K-VU+ Solose-GB Quad-Edision Osmega