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Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018, 14:38

OPENSPA 7.2.004 _Mut@nt HD11 _15.01.2018

Neu! OPENSPA 7.2.004 für

OPENSPA 7.2.004
_Mut@nt HD11

Date: 2018-01-15
Image version: 7.2.004

What is new??


- [Vuplus 4k] Updated drivers.
- [Gigablue 4k] Updated drivers and support QuadPiP.
- [Edision OSnino] Updated drivers.
- [Octagon SF4008] Updated drivers. IMPORTANT: update only by usb (NO flashonline)-
- New support Dinobot 4K.
- New support Gigablue Ultra UE 4K.
- New support Vu+ Ultimo 4K, Uno 4K, Uno 4K SE and Zero 4K.
- Updated bitrate, thanks to OpenPlus.
- Added thumbnail style to MediaCenter.
- Fixed bug that did not let download sbox.channelinfo in Extra Panel.
- Fixed bootlogo download in Extra Panel.
- Added satellites.xml from 60 ºE to 60 ºW in Extra Panel.
- Fixed use of enigma2 channel selection even if you reboot the receiver.
- Added EIT check in recordings for parental control
- Fixed restart if the pin of the parental control is not put on recordings
- Expanded the title of the epg in mhw2 to 64 characters
- Fixed the client's Ip information when using transtreamproxy
- Added manager of known hosts and filter notifications in the spanotifications.
- Added pids of eit, tdt and ait to streamings using streamproxy
- [Solo4K] Fixed receiver boot without internet connection.
- Changed default time zone in Time settings

Operating manual for new MediaCenter style

- Enter MediaCenter - Play videos
- Press the Menu button and choose Thumbnail style option
- Restart.
- When you re-enter you will have that style.
- To browse the covers, use right and left button to pass one by one, or button up and down to jump to next or previous page.

- For this style to be functional, it is obviously necessary to have the covers downloaded to your hard disk, otherwise it is better to use the other two styles (classic or kodi).
- We have pending to modify the IMDB plugin to do a recursive search of all the files in a folder.

User : root
Pass : openspa

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