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Mittwoch, 22. November 2017, 13:54

OpenVix 5.1.002 _VU+ Ultimo 4K _20.11.2017

OpenVix 5.1.002 release für

OpenVix 5.1.002
_VU+ Ultimo 4K

So what is different in OpenViX 5.1 then?
OpenViX 5.0 build 032 was the final build in the 5.0 series.

As with previous images, the main differences are core of the image or the OE (Open Embedded).
This has undergone a lot of changes, updates and fixes.
As a user you should not notice many differences between previous OpenViX 5.0 and OpenViX 5.1
(i.e. there are not many functional differences.)


Main OE Core changes

Glibc 2.2.5
GCC bug fixes
openSSL Security fixes
Basis for new 64 bit environment Support for multi libs 32/64 Bit
Stability updates
Based on OE-Core MortyKnown Image issuesDreamplex – Some users in certain setup’s may have issues.
Known Plugin/Receiver issues
Older receivers with lower amounts of memory struggle with downloading OpenTV EPG data using Cross EPG downloader.
Use a swap file in such cases.
Some 3rd party plugins may not be currently compatible with OE-A 4.1x core,
streaming plugins may require their respective author’s to add dependencies for GST 1.xx.
Arm based receivers: Image Manager cannot flash without risk of crippling receiver.
You can make an image backup and flash by USB.
HbbTV not working for all receivers. Please raise issue with respective Manufacturer.
Button Mappings

Short Red** & *** – Show current channel EPG info (ViX Single EPG).
Long Red ** & *** – Sort single EPG info when in channel list.
Short Green** & *** – Timers.
Long Green*** – AutoTimer Timers.
Short Yellow*** – EPG Search.
Long Yellow*** – Instant IMDB Database search on the current programme.
Short Blue – Extensions.
Long Blue*** – Plugins Menu.
EPG – Opens ViX EPG.
Left/Right** – Opens ViX QuickEPG.
Left/Right** – Opens ViX QuickEPG.
Up/Down** – Open Full Screen Channel List.
Long Up/Down – Open PIP list on boxes that support PIP.
TV Button** – Open Full Screen Channel List.
Long TV Button – Open Bouquets List.
** Can be changed in ViX Menu
*** Can be turned off in ViX Menu




Receivers no longer supported in 5.0

Due to limited resources some end of life models will not be built in version 5.0.
If you want to use OpenViX with these receivers please use version 4.2 or build version 5.0 yourself.
The following is a list of the receivers not supported in version 5.0:

Gigablue SE Plus
Gigablue UE Plus
Golden Interstar LX1 & LX2
Media Link Ixuss Zero
Miraclebox Mini
Opticum DVBC-1
Venton HDx
Xtrend ET4x00
Xtrend ET5000
Xtrend ET6x00

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