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Sonntag, 4. Februar 2018, 14:01

TSimage_5.0_OE-2.5 _DM7080 _02.02.2018

TSimage_5.0_OE-2.5 released für



**TSimage_5.0 server updates**
**Managed by colombo555**
**Thanks to tounsi9_4 for the server**
31 Jan 2018 (git opendreambox)
- Movie Player:
- Rework "leave" dialog: add some new options, improve wording
- Delete related timer when deleting file
- Add "package restore wizard" for restoring all or some packages that have been installed before restoring settings from recovery
- Add DCT Delta MSU 401/2-16K Unicable/JESS switches
- Fix InfoBar buttons when the RC-Type is changed at runtime
- Fix Picons for DVB-T/T2, correctly return default picture for unknown services
- VideoEnhancement: add option for color temp
- Fix crashing service information for DVB-T
- Improve Spinners (thx to bit)
- Skin updates (Media Renderer, MediaCenter, ...)
- Hide NotificationQueueViewer for now
- Fix pts calculation for subtitle and teletext pes parser
- Fix demux allocation when switching from live to pvr channel with only one demux
- Fix NimManager.somethingConnected()
- Fix some crashes and smaller issues
- Do not restart UI when entering recovery mode

- Allow enabling database-driven recording metadata in Settings -> System -> Customize (config.media_database.readmeta) - serveral issues with this have been fixed and we think it is now ready for public testing
# For Developers:
- Add DevShell plugin - an interactive python shell for testing python code in directly inside of the enigma2 runtime (including all enigma2 imports)
- telnet localhost 8007
- Allow changing existing actionmaps
- ConfigElement notifiers are now called in the same order they have been added
- Fix issues with configElement.add/removeNotifier
- ChannelSelection.zap: allow passing the "root" (required for webif zapping with proper history handling)
- Components.Pixmap: call setDefaultAnimationEnabled from postWidgetCreate, not from execBegin
- InfoBarInstantRecord: initialize start/stop options early - patch by dre for partnerbox functionality

- Fix broken handling of "%" values for position and/or size
- Converter.RemainingToText: add "OnlyMinutes" (default without the "min" text)
- Allow using blend="[on|off|blend]" instead of "alphatest=..." (actual alphatesting has been replaced ages ago...)
- eLabel improvements:
- Properly handle alphatest="on" (allows blending labels over whats behind them, use translucent backgroundColor= values for it)
- Implement cornerRadius="<radius>" (any number) - this option enforces blending, no need to manually set - thx dr. best / merlin team (compatibility for initial merlin attributes like radius= and roundedlabelColor= is given)
Example: <widget name="info" position="center,80%" size="50%,20%" valign="center" halign="center" backgroundColor="#20DDDDDD" foregroundColor="#000000" zPosition="2" cornerRadius="16" />
- ePixmap: add option to fill an ePixmap with a gradient
Example: <ePixmap ... gradient="<fromcolor>,<tocolor>,<vertical|verticalCentered|horizontal|horizontalCentered>" ... />
- Add skin "layouts" (use filename attribute for external xml-skin-file) - thx dr. best / merlin team
* Example:
<layout name="Merlin4_Standard">
<ePixmap pixmap="Merlin4/bg/f_info.png" position="0,0" size="1280,720" transparent="0" zPosition="-1" />
<eLabel backgroundColor="2ndbg" font="Regular; 22" foregroundColor="title" position="50,34" size="250,30" transparent="1" zPosition="1" />
<layout name="Merlin4_Buttons">
<ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/red.png" position="47,643" size="10,25" />
<ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/green.png" position="222,643" size="10,25" />
<ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/yellow.png" position="402,643" size="10,25" />
<ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/blue.png" position="582,643" size="10,25" />
<widget backgroundColor="2ndbg" font="Regular; 18" foregroundColor="button" halign="left" name="key_red" position="65,637" size="150,40" transparent="1" valign="center" zPosition="1" />
<widget backgroundColor="2ndbg" font="Regular; 18" foregroundColor="button" halign="left" name="key_green" position="245,637" size="150,40" transparent="1" valign="center" zPosition="1" />
<widget backgroundColor="2ndbg" font="Regular; 18" foregroundColor="button" halign="left" name="key_yellow" position="425,637" size="150,40" transparent="1" valign="center" zPosition="1" />
<widget backgroundColor="2ndbg" font="Regular; 18" foregroundColor="button" halign="left" name="key_blue" position="605,637" size="130,40" transparent="1" valign="center" zPosition="1" />

<screen name="ChannelSelection" position="0,0" size="1280,720" backgroundColor="transparent" title="Channel Selection" flags="wfNoBorder" >
<layout name="Merlin4_Standard" />
<layout name="Merlin4_Buttons" />

* Example for filename attribute:
<layout name="Merlin4_EPG_Buttons" filename="Merlin4/epg_buttons.xml" />

* File epg_buttons.xml contains:
<!-- Part of Merlin4 Skin -->
<ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/red.png" position="77,623" size="10,25" />
<ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/green.png" position="257,623" size="10,25" />
<ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/yellow.png" position="437,623" size="10,25" />
<ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/blue.png" position="617,623" size="10,25" />
gstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: improved compatibility with some audio AVRs (needs new dm900/dm920 drivers)
update dreambox hardware drivers
partnerbox: bump rev
Makefile: check gcc version because of incompatibility with version 7
packagegroup-opendreambox-base: allow deinstallation of dropbear and vsftpd
python-youtube-dl: bump version (fixes youtube live stream extraction)
extensions-infobartunerstate: update to 3.3.0
extensions-seriesplugin: update to 5.9.3
dbttcd: push to 1.12 (to fix teletext on playback with dm920)
enigma2-core-plugins: add devshell

02 Feb 2018 (TSimage)

update enigma2-tspanel to 3.5-r14.0
update enigma2-plugin-extensions-dbackup to 0.87
update enigma2-plugin-extensions-barryallen to 12.67
27 Dec 2017 (git opendreambox)

enigma2-plugins: push srcrev for krogoth-stable update
golang-plaincast: add enigma2 to build depends to get rid of warning
enigma2-plugins: add build python-requests build dependency (its needed by c3vocupdater)
enigma2: add support for DCT Delta MSU 401/2-16K unicable2 switches, small PiconResolver fix for DVB-T/T2
enigma2 4.3.1r23:
- fixed crash in channel searching dialog for tuners configured to "satpos depends"
- for now ignore advanced tuner score for fbc tuners
- fixed crash when more than 4 satellites are configured with multiple fbc tuners
- PiconResolver bugfix for DVB-T(2) workaround (thanks to spinmar)
- GraphMultiEPG: added some usability improvements (thanks to LazyT)
- skin updates for plugins
- developers stuff:
- allow to close lcd/oled device when lock is called.. so the lcd/oled can be used from outside of e2
- export eDVBDB::searchReference to python .. (helpful for DVB-T(2) epg import)
update dm900/dm920 hardware drivers
enigma2 4.3.1r22:
- fixed invisible lists in wizards
- fixed some menu icon paths
- fixed crash when CI is used
fixed libretro compile
enigma2 4.3.1r21:
- Fixed crash when there are empty tuner slots
- Fixed some satellite blindscan issues
- Updated default TV Favorites
- Fixed occasional crash on enigma2 shutdown
- Updated translations
- Added Default-FHD skin
- Updated HbbTV to 1.5 (some of the APIs only have stub-implementations) and fix several issues (for example Pro7/Sat1 does work properly now)
- Added experimental HTML5 Video support to the browser
- Added central "Maximum stream resolution" setting to System/Customize (used by latest tubelib)
- Removed MediaCenter from extensions menu (it is on the main menu)
- For Developers
- Allow use of eFileWatch from python
- Added setSuburi(uri) to eServiceReference, allowing to set an explicit "subtitle" uris. This uri can also contain audio.
enigma2-hbbtv-plugin: add partial (~90%) support for HBBTV 1.5
qtwebkit: add patch for DBus based html5 video
qtwebkit: add patch to fix indexed access to npapi created objects (pseudo arrays)
update dm920 hardware drivers (fixed DVB-S2X Multistream for BCM45308X)
python-youtube-dl: upgrade to 2017.11.06
enigma2-plugins: push srcrev for krogoth-stable
enigma2: add patch to fix not working DVB-S transponders directly after blindscan (broken since 4.3.1r20)
update dm920 hardware drivers... small demux bugfix
enigma2: max allowed Symbolrate for blindscan is 45000KSyms, do not allow to select unicable user defined for fbc tuners because it is currently not possible to configure more than one SCR in this way
update dm820/dm7080 hardware drivers
update dm920/dm900 hardware drivers to fix Si21692-D60 / Si21662-B60 multistream support (broken since 20171113 drivers)
aio-grab: push srcrev for dm920 support
enigma2: add small patches
update enigma2 default service for astra 19.2E
updated dm900 and dm920 hardware drivers (fixed picture errors during playback)
python-coherence: upgrade to 0.7.2
dm920: initial add hardware drivers

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