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Mittwoch, 31. August 2016, 08:31

Satdream gr 4.0 stable -Xtrend 8000 -29.08.2016

Updates Stable Images SatDreamGr v4.0 für

Satdream gr 4.0 stable
-Xtrend 8000

Stable Images: 20160829

>>>> New Stable Image for osmini+ <<<<


Enigma2 Changes
60880db frontend: Assume feSatellite when tuner is not multitype
e787c6e NimManager: Change multiType initialization order
63dc50f NimManager: force save multiType every time config changes
68c4432 NimManager: Move multi_type generation from delsys into NIM class
a253be0 [Ci] screen ci message don't show in standby
f396787 With Satconfig defaultly show less configs for cable configuration
2131606 Support for multituner devices
1f0aee6 Cosmetic: Change SystemInfo MultichannelPCM to HasMultichannelPCM
7731b39 AVSwitch: Add Multichannel PCM option
1e3d6fe Change wording of (un)hide VBI lines again
a3b6ef0 Streamline fastscan <n/a> solution
cedbb10 Change description for un(hiding) visible VBI lines
ad17b4b Solve issue with fastscan regarding <n/a> in channel list
111ecb3 Start Autodiseqc with yellow key and replay service after Autodiseqc
cb81c5c InfoBarTimeshiftState: access secondInfoBar screens only in standard InfoBar
83265ba update ru.po
24f1376 InfoBarGenerics: fix indentation in checkHideVBI
f7088e0 Hide VBI: Hide in full screen width and solve background color issue
0c37982 Only stopservice in satconfig when something is changed
4b643f6 Add tuner to title of tuner setup screen
c42fe6f Protect recordings when you want to change Satconfig
d027e06 Only stop service in satconfig when this is really required
17e334a Finetuning hide VBI lines
7da9aee Try to restart network after setting-restore
1ed958a db: prepare for optional frontend parameters
ed5fc9c Update Latvian translation
03e8bad Always add c++ oops info to crashlog
4f8a356 db lamedb: fix parsing frontenddata
03a5f1d Automatically add http:// and port 8001 to fallback tuner url
7ddabde Add "ud1" to Portuguese audio language choices. "ud1" is Portuguese too ... Nowadays I need to select language manually "ud1" even that default language is portuguese. Instead it, english is selected automatically.
765af0a Do not show hide VBI option for streams and files
02e08bd db: remove lamedb v3 dvb-s format
293d803 db: compile time fix loadServicelistV5
383f3e9 fix for parsing countrycode
d3a574a estring: eDebug updates in convertDVBUTF8
479f909 service db: add support fro writing a new lamdeb format
a6c932d service db: cosmetic coding changes
b774a88 more debug information about incorrect tuned transponders
102279d Make the VBI hide screen a bit larger
b84d8d8 Instantly show/hide hideVBI screen from ChannelSelection
bf57ee1 Add option per service to hide VBI line
777889d ConfigList: Adapt to latest skin parameter solution
d55b420 Suggest a better solution for the single skin parameter
840383a Revert 1920x1080 default skin selection
b5180b4 Solve GSOD for single skin parameter
279a905 Add default full-HD skin paramters to
07aad63 Remove id.po in src root. Should be in po subdir
14b4e83 estringt: remove unused vars
5310983 encoding: more map parsing fixes
a253f67 Add InstallWizardIpkgUpdater screen to default-skin.xml
825bc96 Show list of countries in WizardLanguage
2a154dc Solve two forgotten HaveColorSpace from previous commit
4a87f75 Change HaveColorSpace to HasColorSpace
0bb9bcd Change default of LNB-ON and toneburst to default on/enable
3659c25 update ru.po
6c4501e fix duplicity in skylink and added one transponder for skylink
4c81692 update encoding.conf for skylink
930c040 encoding: be more carefull
81c48f5 encoding: fix parsing the encoding file
7a77f32 [TimerSanityCheck] fix real receiving reference for alternative service
291b9a2 encoding.conf: go back to default ISO8859-1
f8ab389 scan: do not abort searching t2 centre frequencies when other frequency flag is zero
2ed1031 encoding: catch unknown encodings
c390a35 a small fix in mapEncoding.
912910c estring: compile time fixes
9dfe9a4 fix typos in estring
f726901 update czech language
632fffe estring: small fixees and cosmetics
179c61f encoding: introduce more symbolic encoding names and use them
5343f6d do not add UTF8_ENCODING as first char into converted string
a61bfd3 estrings: cosmetics and optimize
c07712e estring: small fixes
e403344 estring: cosmetics and small fixes
9c86ad2 Picon: fallback to 1 for all other reftypes if picon not found
576cf8e encoding: fix compile errors in mapEncoding intruduced in ea83195a97455db2fdd1dd6e7f75649bf5241b30
fd87fdd Enable picons to show when using 5002 from the bouquets
fa8df66 MovieSelection: Do not rename extansion
3812b6a skip blank event when get now/next.
eb253fa add chinese locale support.
fa75faf convert service name to utf-8 by encoding when scan services.
74b9c7f replace LF and TAB chars in event name by its encoding.
b55595e not load event as english string first when not supply encoding.
ea83195 support convert UTF16-LE/UTF16-BE,and Chinese GB18030/BIG5 string to UTF-8 string.
1564f9a update ru.po
ba56e68 Use lidvbsi++ t2 descriptor
380bd2d Swap autoinstall and settings-restore in
b9fbcec Solve issue with checkForAvailableAutoBackup
91d2e44 Remove Longkeypressed stuff as it is now handled in action.cpp
6015c39 Solve issue that the box cannot go in standby at the movielist
b96a2bc Action: Ignore keyBreak after a keyLong
bb5b882 Revert "Solve issue for Standby button not responsive in MovieSelection"
df39c77 Revert "More finetuning regarding standby button stuff"
dddcb92 More finetuning regarding standby button stuff
e4da75e Solve issue for Standby button not responsive in MovieSelection
c6d93f2 Solve commitlog issue for OpenPli5.0
a6f026e Set Simple second infobar default to False
485f960 Choicebox: Make default screentitle translatable
6a53fb1 Solve GSOD on menu items that do not understand recursive close
263504c Make title a subtitle in text wizard and make windowTitle the windowTitle
c10cba8 Solve menu recursive close issues
fb5e3fc Add 2160p30 mode
7ebe704 enigma2: Update French translations, by Pr2
ed75103 enigma2: update Estonian translations Credits: The main translation: Henkka Suggestions for improvements: rimas Update, Control & corrections: zeros
2c73da3 Handle setTitle of Choiceboxes better to avoid double texts on OSD
45be46f Combine title and windowTitle in Choicebox to one title.
24b4f9d Make spacer between futher options and eventname not translatable
14e5f3d Solve freezing picture during zapping for DMM boxes.
1aa6e24 Adjust time of latest image to new website structure
7f1c6e2 new fix ru.po
2e40513 fix update ru.po
d5ee07c update czech language
0f96b84 fix displaying doubledot between ip and port
732e9f1 added setDVBT for iDVBFrontendParameters
bf42b69 Add eDVBFrontendParametersTerrestrial::System_DVB_T for valid transponder when is scanned DVB-terrestrial Due it iServiceInfo.sTransponderData will return actual value instead None
e4f2e3b update ru.po
89ae137 Greek translation update 21/7/2016
6e02986 Update Latvian translation
def5401 [ChannelContextMenu] add "show transponder info" for alternative service
9e8a6d6 Remove not used import added in previous commit
3f264bd Add option to display more next items then just one
094f028 Add setting to force HDMI color space
343b4b3 frontend: fix incorrect init and usage of LOF offset
e8418f5 SleeptimerEdit: Optimize some code
dec995b Inactivity timer block times now optional different per weekday
723ad3d Remove whitespaces committed per accident in previous commit
f4c8ea3 Introduce Toggle TV/RADIO button by KEY_TV2
62556ce InfoBar: Add sanity check to avoid possible GSOD.
10cd9b7 Update
0033c6a Update
c775b23 Solve empty titles in some screens when big manu path is selected
0b09950 Arrange settings restore and auto install via StartWizard
ca11cd5 Update Latvian translation
cf15b8d Add IP-addresses of networks to About screen
854a9f6 Finetuning of menu_path functionality
d4a74bb Adjust about subscreens to menu_path feature
389a9e5 Finetune NetworkSetup for menu_path
809f0da Adjust Videomode plugin to new screenpath method
06aa899 Add accidently forgotten function removeScreenPath
2384833 Update Latvian translation
274ebc1 Make menu_path "extreme" less invasive
f4fdca5 Revert "Small changes in regards to menu_path functionality"
0e65c47 Revert "Modify Plugin Browser for menu_path stuff"
0bb8b46 Revert "Hotkey: adapt for menu_path"
32ba296 Revert "LanguageSelection: Adapt for menu_path"
2e8ad36 Renderer [Picon] add option to replace type 4097 --> 1 for find picon
fda098d [Notifications] auto close CI message
971b0ac OSDPositionSetup: change similar to Overscan wizard
f6e37e9 StartWizard: remove not used import getDesktop
6fbb314 Add overscanwizard to startwizard
74b84a2 Update lt.po
095ed1f Update and fix Latvian translation
b8dc7d9 skin_default: fix title position in MenuSort
c6fd128 OSDPositionSetup: remove similar entries in overscanwizard
db9fd0e Update Latvian translation
434c62b LanguageSelection: Adapt for menu_path
1f5b1b4 Hotkey: adapt for menu_path
49a16c5 Modify Plugin Browser for menu_path stuff
f1ae872 Small changes in regards to menu_path functionality
0151f08 Make menu_path configurable
773887e update ru.po
d70acb6 Pimpup OSDPositionSetup to OverscanWizard
8eb8b2e Add parental control on MenuSort
d8687e5 enigma2: Add gi7000mini rcu support
3caa9fe Arrange menu_path with minimal impact on other screens
d347c50 enigma2: Update Norsk bokmål done by Andy1
09431f5 enigma2: Update french translations done by Pr2.
661cb17 [CI] add key menu for force exit (close screen MMIDialog)
a312f77 scan: workaround invalid ONID/TSID on 7.0E
68de102 Greek translation update 8/7/2016
be0dd47 Make from menu_path a list instead of a string
3feb84f Complete reconstructure of MenuSort
866c217 Installwizard: set hassettings basic-list as default channellist.
72098dc add Tandberg caid
68a50cf pair remotes for mut@nt
433703b enigma2: set Hanssettings as default channellist.
a066895 Simplify menu history and rename it to menu path
92e1b95 Remove boundFunction as it is already imported from Tools
998158f Revert "Revert "Add menu_sort - thx vti" Due to licence issues"
ea69500 Revert "Add menu_sort - thx vti" Due to licence issues
2e851b3 enigma2: Fix-problems-because-of-disabled-debugging-messages
7d369fb - enhance functionality thx VTI
a4bdd82 Add menu_sort - thx vti 1.) Set config.usage.menu_sort_mode to "user" 2.) Stay in menu tree 3.) Press Blue => Edit mode on 3.1) Select menu entry to edit or hide 3.2.1) Press Green to activate "Move mode", move menu entry to desired position and press Green again to exit "Move mode". 3.2.2) Press Yellow to hide/unhide selected menu entry 3.3) Press Blue to switch Edit mode off
52c0bf6 sec: Use frequency limits from frontend info in canTune instead of default 900000 - 2200000
6845ff0 enigma2: Update Norwegian Bokmal translations, by Andy1.
6831f79 enigma2: Update Lithuanian translations, by Vytenis P.
4071a3e ConditionalShowHide: fix calcVisibility
52837f5 ServiceInfo: always return bool value from getBoolean
5a8a063 epgcache: allow query from all services
588b510 SleepTimerEdit: remove outdated code
27bf602 include missing Makefile
d1606ea enigma2: Update French translations, by Pr2
ccbcfd6 Greek translation update 19/6/2016
2fa1dc5 frontend: dB calculation for Xsarius internal DVB-S tuner.
53562a4 fix mb micro rcu
1a9cab4 add rcu for MB MICRO
923cfd3 Convert and optimize MediaPlayer and MediaScanner icons
1d9de41 [InputDeviceSetup]fix incorrect string for last commit
7a85ac4 Translated more lines
5f09dee Update Italian translations for enigma2, thnx ngc1927
b14bd7b enigma2 RemoteControlType: add Formuler4 rcu.
c3c4b81 enigma2: add support for Formuler4 remote.
2404d33 Add icons to MediaPlayer, MediaScanner thx XUP(openATV)

OE Changes


6af2a19 add refreshbouquet plugin, created by Ims.
b35ab9f meta-spycat: update bsp
df859ef mut@nt: update bsp
cdbe57d edision: update bsp
d895b5f meta-dream: Add GCC6 support
afba2de meta-edision: Update for new OE
ef9c897 meta-vuplus: Build fixes for new OE
97bce43 Don't tell OE about blindscan
f989033 Solve the [build-deps] warnings
83f7e03 Solve the [build-deps] warnings
2ed726e : update bsp
f188664 meta-xtrend: BSP update for OE master, solve "taskhash mismatch"
19c4441 xtrend: update bsp
51ba580 xsarius: update bsp
7f6c0d8 vuplus: update bsp
6d01b98 meta-spycat: update bsp
0df6916 edision: update bsp
c428ba4 move to github mirror
bc26233 Update ofgwrite to latest version
a812bc1 Add rtl8192eu driver to depends
9857540 rtl8192eu: update to latest version
71987ba Add realtek rtl8193eu driver
4ba7acd lcd4linux: build for all models.
8f750d6 lcd4linux: drop the file altogether.
30bbd7e lcd4linux: reintroduce DEPENDS that have mysteriously vanished sometime/somewhere...
dff98c6 lcd4linux: upgrade source git hash
a498d42 lcd4linux: remove $FILES-dbg when there are no more binaries, so no dbg package either.
e25dc86 lcd4linux: cosmetic: replace spaces by tabs.
416df91 lcd4linux: change arch to all
66a30b6 lcd4linux: update to latest version 4.7-r3
3d983bc xsarius: update bsp
7ad78e9 edision: update bsp
70f7c3f Hanssettings: update Hans Settings to august 2nd 2016
02ae5be xsarius: update bsp
6bf7e18 Restart networking after backup has been restored.
b61235c update libdvbsi++ to 0.3.8
37a1288 : update bsp
261228d bumped the srcrev because of a bugfix in aio-grab
15d7439 mut@nt: update bsp
eb75c6b edision: update bsp
f07a161 aio-grab: update
4ff97dd xtrend: update bsp
88519ff xsarius: update bsp
0098079 mut@nt: update bsp
3be678d Adjust settings restore and autoinstall as it is now questioned.
d3d2749 streamproxy: change priority to assure it's started after network is up.
a8fc9b9 enigma2-plugin-extensions-openwebif: add et7000 rcu
66586bc xtrend: update bsp
c948999 xsarius: update bsp
7aa28dd meta-spycat: update bsp
7f93c5f meta-miraclebox: update bsp
915673c edision: update bsp
3cb6bba enigma2-channelsettings Hans: change name for basiclist from 19_23 to 19e_23e, just like the other lists :)
a28228b enigma2-settings Hanssettings: fix errors in channellists
3c36465 fix typo in hanssettings basis package
ec9446d channelsettings-enigma2: forgot to add the basic list :)
e303865 enigma2-channelsettings: add hanssettings 19e,23e-basic-channellist bb
4668075 HansSettings: Update settings, Hans added a basic channellist without feeds, thanks for that.
4edfa2c mut@nt: update bsp
3222134 Hanssettings: update to rev. july 2nd 2016
e96f8c0 Hanssettings: update channellists to rev. july 1 2016
89c3dde zgemma: update bsp
c31c507 xtrend: update bsp
5557e21 cdfs: add linux >=4.6 support
d76cfe6 xsarius: update bsp
86983d0 meta-spycat: update bsp
95a8f73 meta-miraclebox: update bsp
5695e72 edision: update bsp
5df60f2 zgemma: update bsp
566e8c4 meta-dream: update dm7020hd drivers
e496e67 Fix typo for Miraclebox STB picture at Web interface
cd2f488 Correct RCU for Miraclebox at OpenWebInf
30c2921 Correct RCU for Miraclebox at OpenWebInf
4524f87 aio-grab: use latest git rev
df08bfe meta-gi: update bsp
9f9fef7 meta-spycat: update bsp
c30b590 edision: update bsp
cd83e3a xpeedc: update bsp
474932f vuplus: update bsp
ae9d954 xsarius: update bsp
76b862d xsarius: update bsp
9791e57 xtrend: update bsp

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